Funding opportunities in sanitation, water and related sectors for African partners


Some key funding opportunities for African partners working in sanitation, water and related sectors, courtesy of our network partner ANEW. Please click on the grant titles for additional information about how to apply.

Some deadlines are in a few weeks so please read the deadline before you decide you will look into these ‘later.’ Please also share any other opportunities!

Happy proposal writing.

Grant: African Water Facility (AWF)
The African Water Facility (AWF) is an initiative led by the African Ministers’ Council on water (AMCOW) aimed at mobilizing resources to finance water resources development activities in Africa. The African Development Bank (AfDB) hosts the Facility on the request of AMCOW. The recipients of AWF could be: i) Central or local African Governments; ii) Africa municipalities; iii) NGOs and CSOs; iv) Community-based organizations CBOs; v) Regional, sub-regional and sectoral organizations (e.g. Regional Economic Organizations, River Basin Organizations, etc). There is no application deadline to request AWF funding.

Grant: The Waterloo Foundation
The Waterloo Foundation welcomes applications from registered charities and organizations with projects that have a recognized charitable purpose. Although the core areas are world development, environment and child development, the Foundation make grants for all type of projects, start-ups, initial stages and valuable ongoing funding.

Grant: European Commission (EC), Food Security in Central African Republic
Call for proposals on agricultural productivity and markets, community social networks, and potable water and sanitation in the Central Africa Republic. Open to NGOs and public sector agencies in the Central Africa Republic and EU member states, and to inter-governmental organizations. EuropeAid Reference #129847. Closing date for applications is 17 May 2010.

Grant: Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) — Research into Business
AECF-RIB invites for-profit companies in Africa and internationally to submit business ideas based on agricultural research that will have a positive impact on the rural poor in Sub-Saharan Africa. Successful applicants will receive grants and interest-free repayable grants up to a maximum of US$1.5 million (for up to one-half of project costs). Three rounds of competition are planned through April 2011. Applications for Round 1 must be submitted before 17 May 2010.

Grant: French Global Environment Facility
The French GEF invites proposals in its Small-Scale Initiatives Program to support projects in biodiversity protection and climate change in West Africa, Central Africa, Mozambique, and Madagascar. The program is open to NGOs and the private sector in eligible countries, and to organizations from outside these countries that have sufficient experience and involvement. International organizations can partner with local NGOs. The next application deadline is 15 September 2010.

Grant: Poweo Foundation Awards
The Poweo Foundation of France makes grants for small projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2010, Poweo announces three Foundation prizes for small energy enterprises and successful project initiatives. Each prize is worth 10 thousand euros. Application deadline is 30 September 2010.

Grant: International Tree Foundation
Calls for projects in tree planting for poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation, and environmental justice. Current geographical priorities are Mali, Mauritania, northern Ethiopia, Sudan, northern Ghana, northern Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Deadline for applications is 30 June 2010.


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107 Responses to “Funding opportunities in sanitation, water and related sectors for African partners”

  1. Ashutosh Mishra Says:

    Any funding agency for water conservation awareness in Asia – specially india, bangladesh, Nepal, bhutan, srilanka .

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  4. Konate Musah Mohammed Kudus Says:

    Action for Rural Water and Sanitation is a community based organization, that working to improving the drinking water conditions through public awareness and participation.
    We have initiated a project for good and clean drinking water for some selected farming rural communities in the northern region of Ghana.
    I hereby asking any funding or donor organizations to come to our assistance to enabled us execute this very important project.

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  7. wainanchi Lawrence Says:

    we are a small village in the north west region of Cameroon, Abuh village in fundong sub division. this village is badly in need of pipe borne water. we have struggle for years only with our own resource and the project is going no where due to insufficient funds.we shall appreciate if this organization can help direct us on how to get funding for the construction of pipe borne water in this community that has a populataion of over 8thousand inhabitants and purely a farming population.

  8. Weja Nick Says:

    We have water shortage in our school of Anyacoto Primary School. We invite any donor to came to our rescue.


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  10. Yuma Sam Ross Says:

    we love the program please our rural water need testing

  11. Isaac Says:

    Hello I am Isaac from c.s water testing lab.we are in Tarkwa,Ghana.If any organization is looking for water testing laboratory you can count on us.We also treat water.We will be looking forward in working with you.

    (General Manager)

  12. ignatius yambasa Says:

    My name is Ignatius Yambasa.I come from Kakamega kenya.Its the western region.Specifically Idakho North Ikolomani location Shisejeri sub-location.Its interesting that most of the major rivers that fed into lake Victoria pass nearby and yet the locals don’t have clean and adequate drinking water!Tap water is possible.Any help will be appreciated .Just a water treatment plant at the river.The rest the community can do for themselves.

  13. Yuma Sam Ross Says:

    we love you to support our project on irrigation

  14. Yassin Rasheed Says:

    Dear Partners,
    Iam writing to find out how my organization can get funding to continue water sanitation and hygiene project. we are working in 2 traditional authorities but we want to extend the project to 4 more chiefs. Malawi is one of the poorest country in the world and over 54% of its people do not practice good sanitation. many people drink water from an protected water points hence my organization is promoting the drilling of boreholes and construction of eco san toilets. My organization is called Wildlife& Environmental Society of Malawi

  15. Akeliba A.Lawrence Says:

    i need an international NGOs to sponsor me in my afforestation project

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  17. philip walusimbi Says:

    we are a company dealing in water pumps and solar equipment in Uganda and we are looking for a soft low interest loan to procure solar water equipment for communities in uganda

  18. olul Russell Says:

    I am a dentist at the Government Vila Central Hospital in Port Vila Vanuatu. My communities are in great need for save drinking water all year round. They moved from place to place in search for drinking water, water for washing, swimming, cooking etc…Please could you help me look for available funds to help in buying right sizes of pipes to take water from the nearest water source to the communities in need. There are 5 communities altogether.
    1, 6km
    3, 5km
    4, 4km
    More details will be given latter.
    Best regards from Russell Olul.

  19. Henry Sakala Says:

    Am a Zambian citizen living in a rural community of southern Province. Am working at a rural health center with a catchment population of over 10000 people. we don’t have running water at the clinic and i would like to ask any funder who can help us put up a submissive pump and an over head water tank on the existing bore hole, this will enable us have running water at this facility.

  20. Thomson D. Moshi Says:

    seeking grants for construction of school toilet for improve hygiene in schools environment and health status to the Moshi Rural district in Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania.


      we are an organisation inn Cameroon known as Charity welfare Association we make availble clean water to schools and communities for we have stated facing water shortages.and it will be our wish to partner with your organisation so that we can do more since the effects of climate change fall more on Africa ,a problem that must be taken care by all.we are seeking grant for the construction of boil holes.

  21. Moses Gitonga Says:

    Am on Kenya can I get access to these loans?

  22. Bartolomeu E. Langa Says:

    To Whom It May Concern.
    Would you please receive warm greetings form Mozambique
    I BArtolomeu Ernesto LANGA, do write this email on behalf of ACOSADE, (Community Association for Health and Development)
    We are based in Chicumbane, Xai-Xai District, Gaza Province, Mozambique in Southern Africa.
    We work in different communities in about 4 District in this province, assisting groups and association due
    Programs of HIV/AIDS education and awareness and mitigation, Defence of Lands of communities “Land Right”,
    Development programs (Agriculture, home gardens, goats, ducks free distributions (animal credit),
    Sustainably Use and Management of Natural Resources.
    We hereby, looking for partnership establishment.
    We hope you may got the point, we are Portuguese Speaking
    Bartolome Langa

  23. Oduro Donkor Says:

    ProNet Association,Accra is Not for profit organization based in Ghana. we work in deprived and marginalized communities in Ghana Particularly in the southern regions whose main stay is subsistence farming. The communities have varied development challenges.We are currently working in improving water supply and sanitation in communities and schools in these areas and will want you to link us to funding agencies who are interested in supporting WASH development interventions this area. will be grateful to hear form soon.

  24. westly Nukundi Nukundj Says:


  25. Nason Muhindo Says:


    I am Nason working with ‘Fighting Poverty with Hands Initiative-Uganda’; a registered charity organization in Western Uganda. We work to build the potential of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and Women. Through our primary school, we are helping over 700 children access quality/affordable education using a partial scholarship scheme.
    With increasing population at the school, we have started experiencing water shortage coupled with high monthly bills.
    We urgently need to install rain water harvesting and storage facility

    • Frederick Kum Says:

      Comunidade Missionária Cristã Internacional is a faith based organization registered in Guinea Bissau and reaches out to communities. Water is a major problem to many rural folks in Guinea Bissau. Two villages have solicited our hrlp for portable drinking water. We run a school with over 350 children and thete is no drinking water in the school. We are in contact Micah Steffensen who is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of village drill, a manual drill for boreholes which can drill up to 250feets. We are requesting your organization to finance the purchase of this drill for us so that we can meet the water needs of many communities in this country. We look forward to hearing from you. Pastor Frederick Alang Kum (Senior Pastor of CMCI)

  26. Mr Garry Says:

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  27. Frederick Alang Kum Says:

    I am Pastor Frederick Alang Kum of Comunidade Missionária Cristã Internacional working in Guinea Bissau.

    As a faith based registered organization we are involved in the holistic ministry, preaching the gospel and empowering man to a dignified life while preparing to meet his Creator. Therefore we are involved in humanitarian work as well as basic and secondary education. For now we urgently need funds to provide safe drinking water to the people of Wato, Bolama Region of GUINEA BISSAU. Guinea Bissau is located south of Senegal. We will like to partner with Fresh Water Action Network.

  28. Helen Rose Says:


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    I gladly await your swift response,

    Warm Regards,
    Mrs Helen Rose.

    • Thomson D. Moshi Says:

      The project will support the following purposes:

      • Increase access and control of credit by women
      • Acquisition of productive assets by women e.g. Land, cattle, goats and purchase of household items.
      • Enhanced women’s empowerment
      • Equipped women with record keeping skills, which they continued to practice
      • Increased enrolment of children to schools and most notably enrolment of girls and its respective retention rate.
      • Participant’s enrolment becomes more involved in income generating projects and they improved their resource management skills.

    • PAUL KUTO Says:

      Hello Helen,

      My name is Paul Kuto, I was born and raised in Kenya but currently I am both a dual citizen of Kenya and the United of America. I have worked and lived in America for over 42 years. Over the last twenty five years I have accomplished a lot of rural community projects in Kenya through personal fundraising efforts. My most recent project was securing a grant from the Water Missions International to construct a clean and safe water project for the villagers in Kenya. Right now I am looking for funding to provide an extra Tank of 10,000 litres to suppliment the existing one because it is not enough to supply the water needed to the community, we have four water points that are serving the entire community. It seems like we underestimated the capacity of use of the water by the villagers. This Tank will cost about US $1,000.

      Secondly, I have sunk a borehole at another village and we are in need of approximately $45,000 US dollars to do a water distribution system for the whole community including the surrounding four schools at the water borehole , the clinic and the community center. Helen, since you are a private lender,and it seems like your terms are very good, is this something that you are able to provide a loan to us? Below is my details:

    • Stoic chasaweka Says:

      Dear Mrs Helen Rose,

      Iam so greatful to have come across your information. We are a group of mission work ,working with people in rural community. So I want to know if it is possible for us to submit our project which we Cary out to your office.

    • Ugochi Ukasanya Says:

      Dear Mrs Helen Rose,

      I am happy to come acrose you. please I need a loan of to sponsor a very lucrative business. I hope my application will get a favourable consideration from you.
      my details are as follows:

      Full Name: Ugochi Ukasanya
      Personal Phone Number:08069776696
      Address:Umuosu Ubakala Umuahia
      Have you applied before?:No
      Marital Status:single
      Loan amount needed as loan:$45,000
      Loan Duration:one year
      Monthly Income$ 9,000

    • Isaac Says:

      Full Name:Isaac Otoo
      Personal Phone Number:(+233)0272291818
      Address:off tarkwa to takoradi road-akyempim
      State:Western region
      Have you applied before?:No
      Marital Status:Married
      Loan amount needed as loan:$150000
      Loan Duration:5 years
      Occupation:Managing Director
      Monthly Income:$8000

  29. kisala Says:

    Construction de 4 latrines scolaires et de systèmes de lavage des mains
    Lieu : commune de Kimbanseke/Kinshasa/RDC
    Contexte : Le sud de la ville province de Kinshasa est les plus défavorisés de la ville de Kinshasa en raison des difficiles conditions de vie alarmante avec une forte variabilité de la pluviométrie).
    elle est une zone principalement agricole et l’environnement y est fortement dégradé.
    ADONGDH a mené un projet d’assainissement dans ce quartier et a constaté que deux école de ce quartier ne possèdent pas de latrines et ne pratiquent pas le lavage des mains. et les enfant font kaka d’une manière insupportable il y a risques sanitaires graves et qui augmentent.
    Objectif :
    – Améliorer les conditions sanitaires de 2 écoles par la construction de 4 latrines dans chacune d’elle (considérant que ces écoles accueillent en moyenne 200 élèves, les effectifs ayant été multipliés par 2 pour accueillir les enfants déplacés, le projet bénéficiera à 400 élèves).
    Nature de l’investissement :
    – Achat de matériaux de construction et coût de la formation et de la sensibilisation auprès des populations.
    Financement accordé : 15 000 €
    début du projet:mi-janvier 2015.

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  31. ASONG JOHN Says:


  32. Wilson wabalanda Says:

    Dear well wishers, friends and all people of all backgrouds, once again, this is kayenje primary school in Uganda in search for funding for installation of water tank at school for safe and clean water to cost 4500 dollars.please help us.Our email

  33. Ndong Raphael Says:

    we are currently running a household water hygiene and sanitation, with the implementation of the Bio-sand water filter Technology, a very timely initiative given the resent threads from cholera and the Ebola out break. Livebridge is set with your support to join the world in the quest for improved health.
    CEO……Ndong Raphael Kanga
    TELE….. 23772657438

  34. Outreach Scout Foundation Says:

    Outreach Scout Foundation is consern with loss of vegetative cover that bring
    climate change in many parts of Malawi. Malawi has experienced massive
    over-exploitation of forests over the past four decades. In 1975, 47%, of the
    territory in Malawi classified as forest. By 2010, the total forest cover
    area had been reduced to 36%, of which 15% is under natural woodlands on
    customary lands, 11% under national parks and game reserves and 10% under
    forest reserves and protected hill slopes. Between 1972 and 1990, overall
    forest cover declined by 41% at the rate of 2.3% per annum; forest cover
    declined by 5% on public land mainly in protected areas at the rate of 0.03%
    per annum; and 61% on customary and private land at the rate of 3.4% per
    annum from increased demands for farmland and wood (Bunderson and Hayes).
    This is the highest deforetation rate in the SADC region, representing a loss
    of some 30,000 to 40,000 hectaters per year of (mostly miombo) woodland in
    Malawi(Government of Malawi, 2010, status of forests and tree management in
    Malawi). Following this background the organisation is intereted to deal with
    such challenges by empowering local communities to take resposibilities in
    forest management and environmetal protection. The organisation is therfore,
    inquiring for grants to implement and reduce the challeges. 2008 statistics
    shows that 87% depand on firewood, 2.3% have access to electrity. This is
    very bad status of Malawi as regards environment. The organisation would like
    to reduce the 87% of firewood dependacy by introducing new alternatives to
    energy sources. For example briquettes making, clean stoves and biamass

  35. Water for life_NGO Says:

    Water for life is into WATER AND SANITATION PROJECTS. We presently need grants for Rural Community Water Projects.

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  37. Alex Semwali Says:

    We are a rural based NGO and will like to receive more information about how to get grants and other support for rural development and poverty alleviation. That poverty remains a major problem in Africa is widely acknowledged and this is more serious among rural populace which represent over 70% of the entire people in the continent. I am a Tanzanian and will need your support. Try to assist us and link us up. It is disheartning to know that Women youth and Children are the most vulnerable.

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  40. Wilson wabalanda Says:

    Dear Possible funders, this is Kayenje Church of Uganda primary School in Uganda, a non profit one enrolled with 758 children.We have a very big problem of water and sanitaion(Toilets in the school) Through this website, we kindly request for wellwishers to come to our rescue in the school.
    Children suffer walking 5 kms to look for water which is got just in ponds.
    Hoping to hear from you, You can contyact us on :

  41. Abangira oswald Says:

    lets stand up to protect the ecosystem,tree planting the way to go.anyone to support me with seedlings is welcome.


    I work for a non Governmental organization BRIDGE OVER AFRICA based in Benin, our primary focus is on providing access to quality Education to the less privileged, .we have a disaster situation at hand, several village schools are inundated and because of heavy train falls, other schools have virtually crumbled, i will like to be put in touch with foundations that can assist us with fund and materials to face this human crisis.

  43. Maurice Tiibam Kube Says:

    We are a rural based NGO and will like to receive more information about how to get grants and other support for rural development and poverty alleviation. That poverty remains a major problem in Africa is widely acknowledged and this is more serious among rural populace which represent over 70% of the entire people in the continent. I am a Cameroonian and will need your support. Try to assist us and link us up. It is disheartning to know that Women youth and Children are the most vulnerable.

  44. Maurice Tiibam Kube Says:

    Kom Coffee Party (KCP3) is delighted to visit this valuable website. As KCP3, we are seeking a grant fund for water. Kom Coffee Party, KCP3-Cameroon, a not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization, non-apolitical, founded in 1999 in Cameroon with the aim of assisting local communities to develop problem-solving projects that directly benefit many more people, acts as a catalyst for better health in Cameroon. KCP3 – Cameroon sets out to transform individual lives and communities through its Problem-Solving-For-Better-Health (PSBH) and Communications-For-Better-Health (CBH) programmes, which enhance behaviour change, alleviate poverty and empower disadvantaged and vulnerable rural populations

  45. Nankya Damalie Says:

    please update me on international organistions which can partner with water and sanitation well established organisation in uganda.
    thanks .Damalie

  46. Jonathan.Karyampudi Says:

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I am Pastor. Jonathan from India. I am working as a pastor and community development organizer from the last 17 years.I am the Founder and President to Rural Care Ministries.We are conducting Education, Health, Environment, community development, Human Trafficking awareness and Income-generation programs in rural and remote areas.Because all of our people are agricultural labors. They are very poor and not able to support us. We are running 4 coaching centers for school going children. There are 160 children are attending to this classes.We are giving notebooks dress and one pair every year.There are some orphan and semi-orphan children in this centers. We have constructed a building for orphan children with some support. We have no proper resources to feed That children. We are also helping to widows. We have been giving sarees and Blankets to the widows every Christmas.These programs are conducting by our own efforts. Sir, we want your kind support to reach our goal. We have FCRA (Foreign contribution Regulating Act) number.Thanking you.
    With Kind regards
    13th Line, Sivanagaraju colony,
    Reddypalem post,
    Via Pedakakani,
    Guntur District,
    AP, India

  47. Gichuki Geoffrey Kaniaru Says:


    please, send me updates and any funding opportunity information for THIS PROJECT INTENDED TO HELP WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF TYE ARID LAIKIPIA DISTRICT IN KENYA

    G. K. Gichuki
    project mananger

  48. Sophie Namatovu Says:

    Sophie Namatovu,Am so grateful for your work and i would like to thank very donor who supports water projects in Africa,the have enabled us to access clean water and this has reduced on water borne diseases.many thanks goes to just a drop through partnership with vechuganda,they have helped much in our village in mukono district

  49. Tarah Says:

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    And he in fact ordered me dinner due to the fact
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  52. bomu stretchers youth group Says:

    we would like to network with you so as we may develop our communitty
    dickson okong’o director
    bomu stretchers youth group


      Bomu thanks for the message,indeed working together is very good because it helps interms of reaching one common goal for our communities.

  53. Shadrak Kyobe Says:

    ‘Empower And Care Organization in partnership with Just a Drop’ Brings Joy to Remote Rural Village
    Mr Kyobe said, “Not only has the health of the community improved a lot but it has saved so much time for those carrying water. The women can now spend more time on their domestic responsibilities and the children can attend school more. The water has increased revenue raising initiatives, especially brick-making, so the community has more money to spend on other important things. Thank you Just a Drop and Travel 2 for making this clean water project possible!”

    You can also read here:

  54. Shadrak Kyobe Says:

    Safe and Clean water improved the life of children for Lugali Community in Uganda.
    ‘The deep water sources were putting our lives to risk because we could fetch water in the late evening when we are back from school and we were always afraid of the people who could kidnap us on the way but now we are happy for this safe and clean water’

    You can also read here:

  55. Shadrak Kyobe Says:

    From Improved Access to Water to Women’s Empowerment

    The project seeks to improve access to adequate, safe and reliable water supply, and public sanitation services for the people in Namanganga Kyampisi sub-county on a sustainable basis.
    It is expected that the project will contribute to the smooth running of daily domestic work, support local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and contribute to boosting the local economy.
    The project targets rural settlements as well as homestead, schools, in Kyampisi sub-county. The direct beneficiaries are the community members.
    It will save time, particularly for women and children; this is a major benefit.
    Beneficiaries of water and sanitation projects in Namanganga village, Kyampisi sub-county will have less tension/conflict in homes and communities; community unity, self-esteem, women’s empowerment (less harassment), and improved school attendance.
    The outcomes of the project are increased coverage and functioning of water and sanitation services in the project area, and improved performance of work in Namanganga village.

    You can also read here:

  56. Shadrak Kyobe Says:

    Domestic Violence Tied to Water Problems

    “Can you believe that domestic violence has also been closely related to the water problems?
    When women go to correct water from far sources of water in the evenings – on return, their husbands are not always happy, thinking that they spent all that time sleeping with other men.
    Women have always been beaten, battered by their men – and some have been killed in these fights, but all has been because the wells are very far, like three km away from their homes.” – Shadrak Kyobe, EACO Director.
    Inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene account for a large part of the burden of illness and death in developing countries like Uganda.

    EACO is advocating for safe water sources closer to the homes.

    We need to put up more safe water sources which are near. Maybe it will be another way of reducing child sacrifice, human blood sacrifice and violence in homes.

    You can also read here:

  57. William Kizza Says:

    We at Namayina Rural Development Project, Uganda would love to have safe and clean water supply and improved sanitation in our community. we are interested in getting accessed to funding opportunities to secure funds to provide safe water to the poor farmers in Namayina and the neighboring communities.

  58. Yusif Musah Amadu Says:

    Northern Rural Development was established in 2010 as a non-governmental organization in Northern Ghana, NRD is located in Bolgatanga Ghana in the Upper East Region, Bungalow 2, Bolgatanga Polytechnic, Sumburungu. NRD operates local and International to provider of water supply systems, refuse collection and disposal facilities, construction of educational facilities, hygiene promotion, supporting farmers modernize their farming practices and help protect and improve the environment through afforestation to the rural communities. NRD has sustained relationship in the local and Intentional where our projects are implemented and also our consultancy firm is a synergy of professional; associates, affiliates and partners mainly from Western Europe, Oriental Asia, the GSS region and Africa. This allows us provide a platform that ensures our clients benefit from a resourceful network of world class investors, industry innovators, technical and financial expertise, ambitious entrepreneurs and decision makers. But not limited to:

    Our Services
    • We sever as an intermediary between buyers, sellers, investors and also buy’s on behalf of clients and sell’s on behalf clients (mining, Oil and general goods).
    • To provide water supply systems (Hand dug wells, Boreholes etc.)
    • To engage in hygiene promotions campaign
    • To construct educational facilities.
    • To collect and dispose off refuse (sanitation)
    • To help protect and improve the environment through afforestation
    • supporting farmers modernize their farming practices (Agriculture )
    • General services

    Commodity Trade Support
    Through our vast network of relationships NRD & Partners Ltd offers over the counter physical commodities’ broking support by way of conducting in depth due diligence and name passing to our client base of buyers, traders and producers worldwide. We have poised ourselves to negotiate and structure spot cargo and term contracts. We have responded to our clients’ needs and market trends by specialising in:

    • Oil
    • Minerals
    • Precious metals and Gems

    Project financing
    NRD & Partners provides Sub-Saharan Africa a valuable connection to investors primarily from Europe and China. Our focus is introducing Africa entrepreneurs to angel investors, supply chain financiers, Venture capitalists, and access to financial products to carefully selected capital associates.

    Investment link
    We showcase and introduce investors to projects from a wide range of addressable markets, managed either by the public or private sector within the Sub- Saharan Africa region. We have start-up projects seeking seed capital and successful companies looking for growth capital. We extend our services to government turnkey, EPC and BOT projects that can benefit from concessional loans, credit lines and Public Private Partnerships. Our service markets include the list below touching parameters of mining concessions, oil exploration opportunities to power generation, construction of water treatment plants and securing telecom licences among others.

    • Energy- Oil, gas and renewable energy
    • Real Estate- both public and private
    • Transport and communication-
    • Manufacturing
    • Agricultural
    • Mining

    Business Expansion support
    Through our international placement and promotions arm we facilitate international companies wishing to expand into the African market by providing solutions that conform to their growth plans. Our support system revolves around:

    • Market research
    • Identifying local partners
    • Kick starting B2B marketing strategy
    • Health and Safety Management.
    • Sourcing recommendable service providers
    • CSR policy implementation

    NRD staff is experienced in a wide range of project activities. Our staff regularly attends conferences/seminars.
    Our Project Managers are assigned projects based on their capabilities and successful track record of meeting clients’ objectives and schedules.

    NRD has sustained relationship local and International where our projects are implemented, especially in the Ghana.
    We are Partners of water footprint network Netherlands, Eat safe Ghana, Kaizen & Partners Ltd UK and a member of Water supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council Switzerland and Global Water Partnership Ghana and World Vision Ghana Tongo Ghana, Timeless Concept Holdings Limited Nairobi, Kenya.
    Our management and technical advisors are Alliances Consulting Group Inc, Canada
    Contact person: Zain Khan, President & Managing consultant.
    Our Vision:
    The vision of NRD is working in partnership to make local and international business successful and rural life better for the poor.
    Our Mission:
    This vision is being pursued through the mission statement, which states that
    “NRD is a duly registered committed to contributing towards poverty severs as an intermediary between buyers, sellers and investors (mining and general goods) and also reduction through empowering the poor and vulnerable communities to access safe water, proper hygiene, sanitation services, supporting farmers modernize their farming practices (Agriculture), help protect and improve the environment through afforestation, implementing tree planting programmer and quality education.

  59. Wilson Wabalanda Says:

    I am the headteacher of kayenje church of Uganda primary school, this is my second time to apply to you seeking for support with organizations which can help us in water, drilling for us safe and clean waster from a borehole.
    Hoping to hear from you 2013.

  60. priser på ombetrækning af hynder Says:

    What’s up mates, pleasant post and nice urging commented here, I am genuinely enjoying by these.


      its better to work together so that we can achieve our goals.
      Ndagire Mariah
      Project Coordinator.


    Its such a pleasure that we receive such informative information which keeps us updated.And am of a view that why dont we begin an assocaition which will help us to share different ideas in helping poor communities to eradicate poverty , providing them with clean water and sentization about mantaince of proper sanitation and hygiene by constructing better toilets.
    Together we can change the lives of our people.

  62. Wema Ollo Says:

    Thank you for the impressive information please send updates and any information available

    with best regards
    Wema Ollo.

  63. Wilson Wabalanda Says:

    kayenje church of Uganda primary school in need of water and Toiltes, teacher and pupils share the same facility, we need supporters to help us construct latrines.


      Am looking forward to work with all organization which are providing water to rural people who are suffering with many diseases because of dirty water and poor sanitation.I know working together will create an impact to our dear brothers and sisters.
      Project Coordinator of Water Generation

  64. chairman: Victor Oduor Says:

    open defacation is a real issue in the informal settlements all over the world The Inspired Team would wish to make an inquiry weather there are funding for sanitation

  65. Austin Ndowera Says:

    People and especially women travel long distances in fetch of water in my working place here! This brings in a lot of problems- like, rape cases, breakdown of marriages, low working output, child abuse especially girls who are used as labor to draw water, and so on!

    Any donors to help by bringing water closer to villages?

  66. Nkam cho Elvis Says:

    We, Glorious Civil Society and Development Consultancy (GLOCISODEC), are non governmental, nonprofit making and non denominational organization engaged to see in to the needs of indigenous people in the Republic of Cameroon. It is in this regard that we solicit for funds to finance portable water well and latrine projects so as to better the lives of many especially minority groups like the indigenous people of which we are concern. thanks


      Thanks for the reply,we are also looking forward to maintain and create new wells in some districts so we can also be assisted.


    As a coordinator for Water Generation NGO am very grateful to find such a valuable website.We are running a non profit organization which serves water to rural communities because most under served people are many there.water is a major problem in Uganda,most rural people suffer many illness because of dirty water.Our population have least access to water and hygiene which has affected our economy with low economic productivity and growth since dirty water claims many people’s lives.
    The organization is seeking for funds so that it can extend water harvesting strategies and measures to villages.
    We appeal for any assistance in finding out how we can manage to get funds for our NGO.

  68. Says:

    I’ve learn a few just right stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting.
    I wonder how much attempt you set to create this kind of fantastic informative

  69. bekeru Says:

    send me any funding opportunity for Ethiopian Local NGOs.

    With best regards. success in action assocition

    • Assurantie- En Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V Says:

      Greetings from Assurantie- En Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V

      I wish to invite you to Join our principle office,Assurantie- en Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V which is a financial service company, whose main focus is to create the right regulatory and legal framework for the financial service firms to operate within our jurisdiction in order to assure the development of a sound financial company with the highest national standard of best business practices,Assurantie- En Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V is one of the largest Finance Company in the European Countries, with over £3 trillion private and corporate investment portfolios.

      We are privately looking for fiduciary agents and management experts who will be willing to act as investment portfolio holders and administrators. Also involved in the referral business, promoting financial service institutions, and providing finances, loans, sponsorship, joint venture or procuring investments projects that have not been initiated With over £3 trillion private and corporate investment portfolios. Currently have a back-log of an Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) of an average of 1.2% on each private investment and corporate portfolio under our administration and control now to put it under the management of private businessmen and corporations with good business ideas that can generate at least 10% ROI per annul over maximum of 5 years duration.

      The fund will be disbursed based on a clear loan of 3.5% interest rate per annul for 5 years renewable. All sign-up contracts, briefings and investment portfolio management files will be handled in United Kingdom, USA, EUROPEAN, and UAE.

      If you want to participate do indicate the part which you choose to participate, –

      -Want to be an Agent/Broker?
      -Investment Offer?
      -Do you need a Loan?

      For further details contact me directly for more information.

      Best Regards,
      Michele Ferrero
      Senior Project Finance International Managements.
      Assurantie- En Financieringsbedrijf Herasto B.V

  70. breast actives forum Says:

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    This click here is these kinds of an excellent merchandise

  71. Mrs Sarah Enow Adelowo Says:

    I am writing your network on behalf Women Creative Hands Organization based in Buea Cameroon. We work in the Konye rural areas, where we attend to Women, youths and the vulnerable caught by extreme poverty. In Cameroon because our government did not control corruption the effects are alarming for the rural poor. Please, could you link us with Organizations that support our non-profit with grants, farming tools. basic medical care drugs to help our people.

  72. Hass Says:

    Thank you


    Chers Amis nos meilleures salutations et bravo pour le formudables travaux que vous réalisés en faveur de l’Humanité.
    Le Centre Socio-Culturel Amani -Kivu CSCA-KIVen sigle est une association sans but lucratif reconnue par l’Administration de la RDC.Notre Siège social est etabli à Bunyakiri/Kambegete à 90km de la ville de Bukavu;Province du Sud-Kivu en RDC et oeuvrons pour le bien-etre des populations vulnérables et particulièrement avec un volet environnemental qui s’intéresse à l’assainissement des milieux publics.
    Nous aimerions prendre connaissance de vos critères d’éligibilité et le cas échéant du formulare de demande de subvention.
    Pour le CSCA-KIVU,
    Président du Conseil d’Administration. Tél.+243 99 25 89 189

  74. mulenga lewis Says:

    am in rural community of Zambia serving the people in community with clean water and sanitation am asking for more information from your Organisation the way you can help our projects with Fundings.

  75. Mushitu John Says:

    The Zambia Water and Sanitation Alliance has taken up a unique project in Zambia which is currently being supported by DANIDA to female inmates and their siblings by rehabilitating the completely run down water and sanitation infrasracture in order to save many lives that are being lost on daily basis.The organisation wishes to appeal to supporters to come to our aid in extending the project to male prisoners who are suffering, vulnerable.The situation is pathetic, help.Please contact: The Programmes Officer, ZWASA, for any support towards this.

    Best regards


  76. kari jackson Says:


    We are a not-for profit making organization based in the Northwest Region of Cameroon and our mission is to empower and stimulate youth involvement in environmental protecting activities. Since creation, we have been working with school environmental clubs, where we have got youths within the school milieu involved in orchard development and planting of other environmental friendly tree species.

    For the past years, we have planted over 10000 trees via the use of school environmental clubs and farmers. One of our latest developments was the commemoration of 10 10 10 during which we planted over 500 trees in two secondary schools in Belo. Details and more of some of our activities in and Most of the difficulties we face in the field are; convincing farmers to check their precarious and abusive slash and burn method of subsistence farming, and getting to the hinterlands and the nooks and crannies of this side of the World where the myths of climate change are visible but behavioral changes are far fetched

    From the spillover effect of our activities with students and appeal from farmers, we recently increased our scope. In fact, we are going green locally, because if we don’t act now, we will leave a much larger problem to our children. The good news is that, if we all join in to stop climate change, we can reduce its impact on our lives, on our environment and for our future generations. Next year we want to nurse some 25000 eco-friendly plants to be planted in public places by students and farmers who want to get involve in agro forestry.

    We will however, would be very grateful if you could support us set up this nursery to realize our dream for 2011.
    Please accept our best regards.
    You are welcome to

    Kari Jackson
    Program Coordinator, SURUDEV


  77. Community Development Centre Says:

    CDC is delighted to visit this valuable website, as CDC we are seeking a grant fund for water, CDC is a non for profit non governmental organization dedicated to serveup vulnerable and poor people who are not able to survie there lives, CDC is located in Mogadishu Somlia.
    Note: Somalis specially those who live in Pastoral and agro pastoral area are on their worest time after a drought hit all the country.

  78. Jean-Marc Says:

    Very Useful!

  79. WEIN BAUCHI Says:

    Please we may need to get any water and sanitation
    funding opportunities to Nigerian NGOs particularly the North-Eastern part.


    Anthony Philip
    (for Coordinator)
    Women Empowerment Initiatve (WEIN), Bauchi,
    Bauchi State.

  80. WEIN BAUCHI Says:

    Please we may need to get any water and funding opportunities to Nigerian NGOs particularly the North-Eastern part.


    Anthony Philip
    (for Coordinator)
    Women Empowerment Initiatve (WEIN), Bauchi,
    Bauchi State.

  81. Association Develop Horn Says:

    please, send me updates and any funding opportunity information for Ethiopian local NGOs via e.mail.

    Very sincerely.

  82. Association Develop Horn Says:

    Please, send me any funding opportunity for Ethiopian Local NGOs.

    With best regards.

  83. Anyangawei Fielding Says:

    In fact this is the site that will really guide me to get latest updates for funders

  84. emmanuel mensah teye Says:

    Please let’s be intouch for possible projects in West Africa

  85. pangui paolo Says:

    initiatives like should be encouraged. i apprecaite the job you are doing by bringing such opportunies to us. keep it going.

  86. peter oyaro Says:

    please update us on the current funding opportunities for projects on environment

  87. SJGD Says:

    We are a rural based NGO and will like to receive more information about how to get grants and other support for rural development and poverty alleviation. That poverty remains a major problem in Africa is widely acknowledged and this is more serious among rural populace which represent over 70% of the entire people in the continent. I am a Nigerian and will need your support. Try to assist us and link us up. It is disheartning to know that Women youth and Children are the most vulnerable.

  88. gebre eyesus Says:

    Please send similar inforamtions to me thank you

  89. Getahun Kiflu Says:

    Please, send me site updates via email.

    With best regards,

    Getahun Kiflu

  90. kelemwa Dubale Says:

    thank you for your information, I am working local NGO which call fares Integrated Development Organization ( FIDO0 please contact me

  91. Kassaye Haile Says:

    Thank you for the information provided. Please send updates and any information available.
    Very sincerely
    Kassaye Haile
    Nazareth Children and Integrated Development


    it is a good program

  93. Aberash's Memorial Development Organization Says:

    Please lets keep intouch, we have some thing to work together.
    Tewodros Eshetu
    Excutive Directoe

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