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FAN Global gearing up for agenda setting and influencing


Just a quick note to let you know what FAN is up to next week.

Ceridwen Johnson, will be attending the 6th World Water Forum (WWF) kick off meeting next week in Marseille, France on behalf of FAN Global and hopes to be joined by Jorge Mora (FANSA), Nathalie Seguin (FANMEX) and Hilda Coelho (FANSA). The WWF kick-off meeting will be an opportunity to agenda setting for the 6th World Water Forum (Marseille, 2012).

The 6th World Water Forum organizers note that they would like to build upon previous fora, but hope to go further, seeking to identify, promote and implement concrete solutions and actions for water and sanitation and that the kick-off session will help orient the preparatory process and its focus on “Solutions for Water.”

Please share your views and perspectives on what you think would make and effective World Water Forum (process and content), so that FAN Global representatives can take them with them into the meetings next week.

Refresher on FAN’s activities at the 5th World Water Forum

Refresher on FAN’s activities at the 4th World Water Forum

While Ceridwen and company are agenda setting in France myself and Dr. Seetharam (FANSA) will attend the first set of UN negotiations on climate change since Copenhagen (COP-15). The meetings, in BONN, Germany, will include a Water Day (organized by Stakeholder Forum, SIWI and UN Water) to raise the profile of water within the climate change negotiations – or more accurately to highlight that climate change is to a great extent water change.

Dr. Seetharam will make a presentation on the water supply and sanitation perspective and the impact of climate change on access to services.

We will all endeavour to keep you posted and share what we learn. Please do send your questions and comments.

Along the lines of raising water as the issue in climate change — I think you will enjoy the below short video by filmmaker Eric Daigh.


Civil Society and the Country Assistance Strategy Process: What does meaningful engagement ‘look like’?


As many of you already know, FAN has been involved for several years in process of dialogue with the World Bank. In 2007, a scoping study was conducted to identify feasible activities for this WB-CSO dialogue specifically around urban water supply and sanitation.

In April, a joint FAN-Bank global video conference was held to discuss some key issues as well as next steps for two pieces of work that have so far emerged from the dialogue process – a World Bank Handbook for Civil Society Organizations (created by FAN) and a review of Bank experience in engaging with CSOs in country level water sector dialogue (created by the Bank). (more…)

The human right to water is in our hands …


Learn more about the human rights to water and sanitation

Independent Expert on the issue of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation

Getting Community Consultation Right – The Case of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project

In October 2009, ANEW members from across Africa gathered in Lesotho for the biannual ANEW general assembly.  While there, participants traveled with the Transformational Resource Centre (TRC) to visit communities affected by the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP).